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About Michael

It all started way back in the late ’70s while I was in the Police force in South Africa coding offender fingerprints to be entered into a central database, which was the first in Africa, and the technology bug bit me. Since then I have programmed, analyzed, trained, tutored, business owned and managed my way from Africa to New Zealand and now in Canada.

My training started as a COBOL programmer way back in 1978 while in the Police Force and have never looked back, from designing software to owning my own Microsoft training center in South Africa, to managing a call center in New Zealand. I have the experience you need. And have seen Penguins!

Technology has helped me in many instances as well. Before the likes of Skype I was in SA and stayed 2000 kilometers from Mom & Dad and only saw them once or twice a year if lucky, and then when the internet came along and with me now in New Zealand, I would speak to the folks on skype at least once a week and they could see my photographs of hikes on the same day that I was in a forest somewhere fighting off Saber-toothed Tigers.

Having over 35 years of experience with these fancy boxes called computers and smart devices and having been a tutor in 3 different countries, I offer all this to you and more and as I said before, the lure of home-brewed coffee does wonders for the little grey cells.

Areas of assistance:

  • Translating issues, solving, explaining.
  • Diagnosing hardware/software problems
  • Collaborating with local hardware repair
  • Matching hardware needs – new purchases