Onsite IT Assistance & Training

On-Site IT Assistance & Training

Our aim is to get you comfortable with technology in a way that suits you and in your own home or small business. We can help whether you are using Windows 10, Office 365 Word and File Explorer or using an Apple Mac with Finder and Apple Pages.  

  • Maybe you want to have your computer link with your iPad or Android Tablets or even your smartphone that is so much more than a phone or just need to know how to file your documents so you can find them easily.  
  • And yes, I can also teach you all about ‘The Cloud!’. 
  • Assistance can be tailored to fit in with whatever makes you feel more comfortable.

Apart from training you to use the technology we also offer:

  • Configuring and setting up a new device whether it be a printer, computer, wireless network, phone or tablet including data transfer and recycling any of the older devices.
    Wireless and ethernet connectivity and their security.  With so many wireless networks around you, it is vital to keep yours safe and secure and to make sure that your firewall and passwords are secure and safe. 
  • Timely Computer maintenance and upgrade programs which will help to ensure that your technology is working smoothly and efficiently. 
  • Making sure that your operating system and the applications you use are up to date with the latest security features and bug fixes.
  • Just like a vehicle or vacuum cleaner, a computer needs maintenance on a regular basis.  Regular is determined by your usage.
  • Diagnosis of any hardware or software errors and repair thereof.

Timely data backup programs designed to lessen the risk of losing your valuable documents and pictures. 

Having one’s data on the cloud or local device does not mean it is safe as the hosting server can also stop working so we advise you on how to have a process of backing up those precious moments onto a secondary device.

    Helping You Be More Proficient With Technology

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