Tri Cities IT Services

Computer IT Systems Services

We provide onsite and in-home remote IT training and IT consulting services.

Home and Personal IT Services

Onsite IT Training

Whether in Port Moody, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, or the greater Vancouver area, it is always better to use one’s own device when learning something new or technologically challenging so I will come to your home or office to keep you on familiar ground, relaxed and using your own pencil. The lure of home-brewed coffee does wonders as well.

Home Technology Consulting

While BITS essentially offers a training service, we also help troubleshoot your software and hardware issues to offer a one-stop-shop to get you going again before the coffee gets cold.

Remote IT Training

Many quick questions or not understanding something fully can often be addressed remotely via the Internet which is especially helpful if you need your IT guy to have a 4x4 and snow tires. We don’t get the coffee but can certainly have a poke around and decide whether a face to face would be more satisfactory.

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