Tri Cities IT Services

Small Business IT Services?

Being a small business, you probably find yourself doing the administration yourself and not spending enough time running your business, which is where I come in. I can get your office running smoother and more efficiently by providing the following services.

Training in the use of Microsoft and Apple products including Office 365 and communication software such as Zoom or Skype.

Configuring and maintaining cloud services such as office 365, iCloud or one drive.
Hardware or software error diagnosis & repair.

Networking Services, making sure that your network, whether cabled or wireless is working at its most optimal and most important is as secure as you can possibly make it.

Security and backup services, configuring and maintaining your backup and security services to make sure your company data is safe from prying eyes.

I am collaborating with reputed repair centres for any hardware repairs and will deliver and collect your device/s to and from these centres if necessary, to bring you a one stop shop for all your technology needs.

Helping You Be More Proficient With Technology

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